SureCrete DK500 Clear Epoxy (3 Gal) - Epoxy Unlimited
SureCrete DK500 Clear Epoxy (3 Gal) - Epoxy Unlimited
SureCrete DK500 Clear Epoxy (3 Gal) - Epoxy Unlimited
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, SureCrete DK500 Clear Epoxy (3 Gal) - Epoxy Unlimited
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, SureCrete DK500 Clear Epoxy (3 Gal) - Epoxy Unlimited

SureCrete DK500 Clear Epoxy (3 Gal)

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DK 500™ - 100% Solids Epoxy Clear Coat is a 2 component 100% solids, zero VOC floor coating system that is used in a wide variety of applications such as, thick-build clear coat for a host of decorative concrete systems, Dura-Kote Flake, Dura-Kote Metallic systems, and in certain applications as a primer coat and/or binder coat. DK 500 - 100% Solids Epoxy Clear Coat is ideally suited for any commercial or residential setting: manufacturing facilities, warehouses, bars, clubs, retail stores, automotive showrooms, garage floors, gyms, locker rooms, stadiums, or anywhere that an exceedingly resilient floor is desired.

SureCrete provides the applicator with three Part “B” hardener formulations to create the ideal epoxy floor coating for each project. Regardless of choice of Part “B”, the Part “A” of the DK 500 does not change.

Economy Part “B” is an aliphatic amine hardener that delivers a cost effective clear coat. Aliphatic amines are susceptible to blushing and yellowing over time. SureCrete highly recommends the use of a polyurethane or polyaspartic top coat to extend the duration of time before the blushing and yellowing occur.

Premium Part “B” is a cycloaliphatic amine hardener that delivers a premium epoxy coating. Cycloaliphatic amines are preferred do to their increased resistance to: impact, chemicals, water/moisture, and high temperatures. In addition, the cycloaliphatic amine hardener aids in lowering blushing, water spotting, and yellowing. SureCrete’s Premium Part “B” is generally used in thick build and metallic flooring systems.

Premium Thin-Viscosity Part “B” is a thin-viscosity cycloaliphatic amine hardener that delivers the same high performance features found in the Premium Part “B” hardener. The main difference being, when you add pigment’s or powders to the mix; such as “SureCrete’s Dura-Kote Metallic system, then manipulate and move the powders around, using the Thin Viscosity Part “B” you will achieve a more workable/flow able, 100% solids epoxy mix.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Dura-Kote Clear Concrete Floor Epoxy 100:

    Question: Can I use just one coat of Dura-Kote Floor Epoxy 100?

    Answer: Yes, you can! Although it will depend entirely upon your desired finished floor and the amount of protection you need, Epoxy 100 was designed specifically for this purpose!

    Question: Will Dura-Kote Epoxy 100 self-level and fill small holes?

    Answer: Yes, it certainly will! However, be sure not to try to bridge expansion joints as these are necessary to allow movement in the concrete.

    Question: Can Epoxy 100 be used outside?

    Answer: No, epoxy coatings are not vapor-permeable and therefore should not be utilized in exterior applications.

    Question: I have strict VOC laws in my area, can I use DK 500 Epoxy 100?

    Answer: Without question, yes! At zero grams per Liter of VOC content, Epoxy 100 can be used no matter how strict local VOC laws are!

    Question: If I’m putting down the second coat of Epoxy 100, does it have to be screened?

    Answer: Yes, because of its chemical nature and high solids content, the second coat will not bond correctly without proper screening of first coat.

    Specifications and Properties of Floor Epoxy 100% Solids

    Coverage   100-150 square foot per gallon per coat catalyzed product (varies widely based on application method)
    VOC Rating   0 g/L
    Solids Content   100%
    Shelf Life   1 year in original unopened container
    Mixing Ratio   2 parts A to 1 part B
    Pot Life   10-20 minutes
    Ready for recoat   6-8 hours (18+ hours at low temperatures)
    Light Duty Use   Approx 16 hours (Up to 30 hours at low temperatures)
    Heavy Traffic Ready   Approx 24 hours (Up to 3 days at low temperatures)
    Full Cure   5-7 days (Up to 14 days at low temperatures)
    Appearance (cured)   High gloss sheen
    Appearance (wet)   Clear – Straw Color
    Water Resistance   Excellent beads water
    Mechanical Stability   Excellent
    Light Stability   Yellows
    Odor   Sweet
    Adhesion     400 PSI (concrete failure)
    Abrasion Resistance (Tabor)   1,000 gm. load @ 500 cycles = 31 mg loss
    Compressive Strength   9,000 PSI
    Application Temperature   50 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit

    Chemical Resistance for Dura-Kote Epoxy 100

    MEK   not recommended
    Xylene   8 hours splash spill
    Gasoline   2 hours splash spill
    Butanol   8 hours splash spill
    Methanol   not recommended
    Ethyl Alcohol   8 hours splash spill
    Skydrol   2 hours splash spill
    10% Sodium Hydroxide   long term immersion
    50% Sodium Hydroxide   2 hour immersion
    Acetic Acid 5%   2 hours splash spill
    10% Sulfuric Acid   8 hours splash spill
    70% Sulfuric Acid   not recommended
    10% Hydrochloric Acid   8 hours splash spill
    20% Nitric Acid   not recommended
    Ethylene Glycol   8 hours splash spill